Why is traceability important when it comes to seafood processing?

Traceability can also help to increase organization and efficiency as well. It is easier for any fish export company in Sri Lanka to ensure that orders are completed properly, with no mistakes or errors along the way because of to traceable data.

The benefits of traceability for seafood include:

Increased customer satisfaction.
Increased organization and efficiency.
Ability to track back to original source in case of contamination or outbreaks.

The benefits for consumers include such things as being able to trace back the order directly to its origin using collected data from traceability procedures if there are any recalls or contamination reports. It also increases consumer satisfaction knowing that they are getting exactly what was promised when they ordered their products. Traceability is hence one of the most important steps in the seafood supply chain.

Seafood processing companies usually use very informative labelling techniques to make sure that their consumers are getting exactly what they ordered. These labels include all the information they would need to trace back the origin of the product. The label would include not only what type it is, but also where and when it was caught or produced, who processed it etc. This way they can easily go back to their source if there are any problems in the future with processing time/temperature, contamination issues etc.

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