Using Twitter For Network Marketers – Tips to Promote Your Direct Sales Opportunity With Twitter

If you aren’t using Twitter to grow your network marketing business you are missing out on a huge free opportunity to promote your network marketing business.

Twitter is a free microblogging and social networking platform. It allows you to update your friends and family about what you’re doing at any given moment. You can use your cell phone or you can “tweet” via computer.

The power of Twitter can be found in the people who follow you and in the people you follow. People who follow you are interested in what you are tweeting about. You can use twitter to research a particular niche market. You can use twitter to figure out how your company’s product can help the people on twitter.

You can use Twitter to build your network marketing product brand because twitter has the primary benefit of developing a casual way to reinforce your brand with potential customers. It also establishes you as a social personality that is approachable and a real person. As Twitter grows new twitter users will be drawn towards well established Twitter personalities.

Twitter is not to be used as a place to post information about your opportunity or product repeatedly. This is not helpful nor does it add to your credibility as an expert. You need to bring value to the Twitter universe with your tweets. Engage in conversations with your potential clients and develop connections while you deepen relationships with people through your tweets. Only after you have posted useful tweets should you post information related to your opportunity. Even then be sure that you promote your business sparingly. Make sure to maintain a happy medium between promotion and personal tweets.

Focus on connecting with people. Pay attention and be aware opportunities that come along in conversation to tweet about what you do or what your product can do for someone. Only then will you witness what twitter can do for your network marketing business.

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