Keeping a Forklift’s Centre of Gravity Within the Stability Triangle

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These points represent the centre of gravity, load centre, and ground contact point. It is essential that your forklift’s centre of gravity remains within the stability triangle at all times in order for it to be stable enough to use. This post will cover how you can keep your forklift’s centre of gravity within this area for greater safety measures.

The stability triangle is the area in which your forklift should operate.

A stability triangle is the area within which your forklift should be operated. This is an important consideration when it comes to the safe use of a forklift.

Forklifts are designed with three points which form this triangle: the centre of gravity, load centre, and ground contact point. The stability triangle is also known as the tip over protection system, or TOPS, for short.

If the centre of gravity falls outside this zone, you’re risking toppling over.

So, what happens if the centre of gravity falls outside the zone? Well, there are a few things that can happen. The first thing is that it puts great strain on the tyres as they have to carry more weight than they were designed for, which could lead to them blowing out or becoming punctured, as well as wearing down very quickly.

The other thing that could happen is that it puts a great strain on your forklift’s body and drive system. Once again, they will be carrying more than their design can handle, which could lead to them breaking or not working as efficiently.

A third scenario is that the load itself could fall out of the pallet forks and onto whatever is below it. This might sound like a very rare thing to happen; however, as mentioned earlier, if this happens, your centre of gravity has moved outside its zone due to one side being much lower than the other, which isn’t good for you or anyone else involved.

So, by keeping a forklift’s centre of gravity within the stability triangle, you are making sure that there is no unnecessary wear and tear on any part of your machine. This means less risk for injuries in case something goes wrong, but also improved efficiency overall throughout its lifetime with reduced costs due to having a better performing vehicle. Isn’t cost-saving one of the biggest factors when purchasing new machinery? There have been many improvements over recent years, such as stability programs being introduced in vehicles.

How to avoid this issue

The first thing one needs to consider when operating a forklift is how much weight their machine can carry before it becomes unstable enough that tipping over may become an issue. This is called the vehicle’s static loading capacity.

In order to avoid issues with the vehicle being too heavy, make sure to keep the weight of your load within the limits set for that machine. In addition, forklift drivers should be well trained to know how much weight they can carry safely. Keep in mind that the number of pallets you are carrying will also influence your forklift’s centre of gravity and weight capacity, making it even more important to keep an eye on both these factors.

Finally, if any problems arise with keeping your vehicle within its limits, one should immediately contact their local service provider for events such as maintenance or other types of repairs that may be required in order to avoid any accidents.

Also keep in mind that it’s important to stay within the designated boundaries when using a walkie-talkie or cell phone near a forklift.

Another important practice to remember when using a forklift is to make sure that one always has their walkie-talkie or cell phone on them. One should never leave either of these items in the driver’s seat when getting out for any reason, nor should you use them near your vehicle while driving. This can be dangerous because if something were to happen with your forklift during this time, then there would not be anyone who could help immediately, which means that someone may get hurt and/or property damage might occur. It is just safer to keep both of these things at arm’s length before exiting the truck, so they will already be in hand upon leaving it unattended. If something goes wrong with your steering mechanism or drive train while you are using one.

It’s also wise to invest in an anti-tipping device if you want to prevent accidents from happening.

An anti-tipping device would be a great investment and would help to prevent accidents from happening. This device works by preventing any kind of tipping, which is what happens when the forklift starts to tip forward or backwards in an attempt to lean anywhere past its centre of gravity. If you think about it, this makes sense because if a vehicle’s centre of gravity is within the stability triangle, then there should not be too many issues regarding tipping at all.

If your forklift’s centre of gravity ever gets thrown outside the stability triangle, then that means that there could potentially be some severe consequences, such as injury or even possibly death, depending on exactly where the centre ends up getting pushed towards.

Finally, always wear appropriate safety gear and follow all safety regulations when operating machinery like a forklift.

Adhering to safety regulations and wearing suitable safety gear is extremely important because it can be the difference between life and death.

In conclusion, it is important to constantly monitor the stability triangle of a forklift and always do your best to keep it within its limits, as well as properly maintain your vehicle according to manufacturer recommendations, and this can be learnt when completing the forklift course in Melbourne. In addition, all forklift drivers should get comprehensive training with regard to usage, regulations, and vehicle specifications prior to starting a job such as this, which will allow you to operate safely without worrying about any accidents, which can be dangerous not only for yourself but also for other people around you who might get hurt by a reckless driver or faulty machinery, and that is why many people recommend doing a scissor lift training in Melbourne to ensure the safety of forklift drivers.

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A guide to cooking Tuna

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For sandwiches, pan fry the tuna lightly in oil before adding mayonnaise and other ingredients.
To serve as sushi, use raw tuna that has been cut into thick slices about one inch wide by two inches long.
If you want to bake it, mix together soy sauce, ginger root paste (or finely chopped fresh ginger), honey (optional), sesame seeds (optional) and white wine vinegar. Pour the sauce over four tuna steaks before baking.
For a healthier alternative to frying, place raw or cooked tuna on oiled grill pan, and cook for about one minute each side. The best way to know when it is done depends on how thick your cut of fish is.

While these recipes make great dishes all on their own, they work equally well served with rice pilaf or baked potatoes too. Tuna can also be eaten as part of main dishes such as dorado tacos, casseroles, or pasta. Tuna melts are also a very popular recipe.

Tuna is a very versatile fish, and can be used in many dishes, which is why it is a favourite among chefs. There are various ways to cook tuna, but the most important thing to remember when cooking with it is not overcooking or undercooking. The best way to choose fresh tuna is by colour, scent and texture according to some of the best seafood exporters in South Asia. Fresh tuna will have little odour except for perhaps seaweed if you catch them near shoreline waters. If they smell strong, then they are old which means their omega-three fatty acid content has gone down considerably.

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Why is traceability important when it comes to seafood processing?

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Traceability can also help to increase organization and efficiency as well. It is easier for any fish export company in Sri Lanka to ensure that orders are completed properly, with no mistakes or errors along the way because of to traceable data.

The benefits of traceability for seafood include:

Increased customer satisfaction.
Increased organization and efficiency.
Ability to track back to original source in case of contamination or outbreaks.

The benefits for consumers include such things as being able to trace back the order directly to its origin using collected data from traceability procedures if there are any recalls or contamination reports. It also increases consumer satisfaction knowing that they are getting exactly what was promised when they ordered their products. Traceability is hence one of the most important steps in the seafood supply chain.

Seafood processing companies usually use very informative labelling techniques to make sure that their consumers are getting exactly what they ordered. These labels include all the information they would need to trace back the origin of the product. The label would include not only what type it is, but also where and when it was caught or produced, who processed it etc. This way they can easily go back to their source if there are any problems in the future with processing time/temperature, contamination issues etc.

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Online Versus Offline Marketing: Which One Is Better?

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It’s amazing how the world has evolved during the last 20 years.

More than just the shifts of power across countries… more than just the life changing events like hurricanes, earth quakes and terrorist attacks… the advancement of technology has completely changed the way that we view the world.

YouTube has virtually replaced television. Blogs tend to break important news faster than the actual news stations. And people are meeting their friends and significant others through social networks like Facebook and eHarmony.

And probably the most significant change has been the way that businesses market themselves.

If you go to YouTube and search for “Dollar Shave Club” you’ll find a minute-long video that a guy made in his warehouse that ended up getting over 15 million views… for FREE. The purpose of the video is to get people to go to his website and subscribe to a monthly program where they send you a high quality razor every month for a dollar.

Now, imagine for a second… if just 10% of those views convert into sales for him, he just generated sales of over $1.5 million per month… for FREE.

If you wanted to get 15 million views from a TV commercial, you would have to pay thousands of dollars, if not tens of thousands… AT LEAST.

In another simple example… if you wanted to deliver a 15 page sales letter to 1000 people, and you were going to do it through direct mail, you would have to cough up at least $5,000 to send those letters out. And unless you hired a professional copywriter to write your letter for you, for all you know, you could have very well wasted your $5,000.

Now, if you put that same sales letter on a website and drove pay per click traffic to it, you would most likely pay anywhere from $250 – $1,000 (dependent on the industry you’re in). And the beautiful thing is, you can track everything. You get to see how many people saw your ad, and what percentage clicked on the ad.

You can also compare ads to see which one gets more clicks and you get these numbers in real time. If you wanted to compare two different ads through direct mail, you would have to wait weeks before you got any response and your tests would be relatively hard to track.

There are countless more scenarios in which it is advantageous to deliver your message through online mediums versus offline, however, this doesn’t mean that offline marketing doesn’t work anymore.

The most successful business people that I know use both online AND offline marketing tactics. They intermingle the two mediums to deliver their message.

And probably THE MOST POWERFUL resource that comes with online marketing is the creation of the auto-responder. In its most basic form, an auto-responder is just that… an automated responding mechanism that follows up with your prospects automatically.

As a basic feature of the auto-responder, you can send newsletters to your prospect list. If you had a list of 1000 people, you could email them on a daily basis at no extra cost to you. However, if you wanted to send a newsletter to 1000 people via direct mail, you would be paying AT LEAST $1,000 per day!

It’s THE most revolutionary invention in the world of marketing and business.

In future articles, I will go into the finer details of each of the concepts that we talked about and will give you instructions on how to use them effectively.

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Blog Marketing Company – Enhancing Your Business Credibility and Online Visibility

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Launching your business online is just the first step, but getting your site located in search results should be your biggest concern, as it will ultimately determine the overall success or failure of your business worldwide. It is quite challenging to get the desired traffic in the initial stages, and as many biz owners have seen:

No traffic –> No Sales –> No Income –> Ultimately End of Business

How to attract traffic?

Below you will find two apt solutions for directing online traffic towards your business website.

Get organic traffic

You can get organic traffic for free when you use effective and genuine SEO techniques. Patience is crucial: properly optimizing your site takes time, and nothing can be accomplished overnight.

The first step you take is creating valuable content, and then customizing it for search engines. To do this, you have to pick the right keywords that accurately describe your business’ niche. Then, you’ll begin the ongoing process of improving and maintaining other aspects of the website, like website authority, author rank, original back-links and more. Improving these elements will help you maximize traffic to your website and help it perform better in searches.

The process is lengthy and requires dedication. Once you start implementing SEO into your business, you’ll want to keep track of any Google algorithm updates, which could cause delays.

Choose a Blog Marketing Company

The current trend is promoting services and products in the market through blogging. Most businesses look to hire the best blog marketing services to maintain their ranking on search engines. In order for you to do this, you will need to choose experienced bloggers who will create content related to your business.

Implementing an effective blog marketing strategy is the best way to direct traffic to your website. Customer centric techniques are used to direct visitors to your site. Being customer centric means aligning technologies and processes to propel customer engagement. Ways to do this involve advertising with image links, text links, pre-sell pages and sponsored posts.

Use Experienced Providers

The service providers are experienced in their field and know what will work for you and your company. Professional service providers will:

• Be familiar with how online businesses work

• Know how to create content that attracts your target audience

• Keep track of changes in search engine algorithms

Manage your blog posts

Once your blogs are uploaded on different digital article directories, you will need to start monitoring statistics such as how many people read, like, and comment on it. You will also need to continue performing the following tasks:

• Post updates regularly

• Respond to your audience queries

• Conduct researches for top keywords

• Use the keywords appropriately

• Keep track of how customers share information

Keeping your blog visible requires all of the above and more. Maintaining all of this is certainly time-consuming, and you still have your business to run! Therefore, hiring a blog marketing company will allow you to stay focused, while achieving your goals in a timely manner.

Enhance blog visibility

The Internet is flooded with blogs, many of which are outdated. This can cause top quality blogs to become invisible, because they’re hidden by outdated blogs. The advantage of hiring a blog marketing company is receiving assurance that your website will gain the visibility that your business blog need. This builds brand identity, which in turn yields more recognition. Follow these steps, and your business credibility will grow substantially.

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Are You An Unsuccessful Marketing Newbie?

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Why haven’t you been successful at your online marketing business?

It’s all about your “WHY”. Why would you want to do this? My personal “WHY” goes a little something like this. I am 27 years old, I’m marrying the love of my life next week, and I want to give her the absolute very best life she could ever dream of living! Beginning with a wonderful home of our own and starting a family.

I have spent the last 6 years in the oilfield and not on the high paying side either. 14 hour days on hard rock locations dressed in long sleeve flame retardant clothing in the middle of a Houston, Texas, summer with temperatures reaching 100+ degrees and humidity surpassing the 60% mark. No dream life here and my dream of providing my wife with hers seemed pretty farfetched.

A friend of mine introduced me to Ambit Energy. Ambit Energy provides electricity and natural gas services in deregulated markets across the United States, primarily marketed through a direct sales channel of more than 250,000 Independent Consultants. In 2010, Ambit was named #1 Fastest-Growing Private Company in America by Inc. magazine. I did my research and the company seemed pretty legit and as of 2013 they had 1.1 million customers and 1.2 billion in revenue. Being an electrician, I know how important electricity is to people and I could not think of 1 person who did not use it at some point. So I was ready to start my very own business!

Excited and hyped up about an opportunity to reach that free living state of mind, I quickly burned through my friends, family, and everyone I knew on Facebook. Not one single conversion, customer or consultant. POOF! My dream escaped me once again. Bound and determined, I didn’t let that stop me. I started searching about internet marketing. So I got a website and a domain and I slapped some stuff together that was going to make me a ton of conversions (because every oilfield worker is a whizz and natural at web design, copywriting, and auto responders. And everyone wants to buy a service or be partnered with a no name business marketer… Wrong again sir!).

Just like my first attempt, I realized this really is not that easy and I was going to have to have an actual business mindset to accomplish anything. I researched and tried to learn and like most newbies, I got had by the so called “gurus” and sweet deals promising success and that it would turn my marketing around. Then I just quit… I got so overwhelmed with failure and how far away success appeared to be, that I just couldn’t take it anymore. I stayed away for a few months but Ambit, my determination, and my dream wouldn’t let it rest.

I began researching more to build my knowledge around network marketing and that’s when I found an online marketer’s forum. I remember it like it was yesterday, I made that single post looking for someone to give me some direction. I got a lot of bits and pieces, but none the less enough to keep me going. When I got that first conversion… Man it was like a breath of fresh air! Confidence, success, and momentum to keep moving forward exploded from my mind.

However a though kept filling my mind… Does every newbie go through this struggle? Wouldn’t it be easier if all of this information was provided upfront? Is there other hardworking people out there wanting to make a life changing decision like I did?

Getting a very strong and firm “WHY” keeps you going through the rough times and helps you to stay motivated. Finding someone to teach you and give you the information you need to be successful is the most powerful part of becoming a success once you have your “WHY” established and close to heart. A mentor will get you going in the right direction and learning what you need to learn and then you can develop your own system that can be duplicated by your downline. I learned the hard way, but if you read this article I hope it saves you time and money and gives you a little insight towards the kind of mentor and upline you should be looking for.

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Direct Copywriting Tricks for Big Profits

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Becoming a direct response copywriter is something everyone in the profession aims for. The simple reason is that direct response copywriters get the most rewarding projects, both in terms of pay and job satisfaction. This is because, unlike writing a brochure or website, the success of your writing is measured. Through tracking how many sales a copywriting message generates, businesses can see in cold hard figures that hiring a highly skilled copywriter is worth the investment.

So how can you become a direct response copywriter? There are a few ways of improving your copywriting abilities to the level that direct response copywriting demands.

To begin with, read all the books by the world’s finest copywriters. This includes books by David Ogilvy, Joe Sugarman, Eugene Schwartz and John Caples. The advice contained in their books continues to be as valid today as when they were written many decades ago.

The second thing to do is to start collecting samples of successful direct response sales copy. It’s easy to find examples online with some quick searches in Yahoo and Google. You can also look in Google images for PDFs of famous adverts and sales letters. After building a swipe file, analyze every sales letter and advert and write down the copywriting tactics used and why the advert was profitable.

Finally, practice makes perfect. Write out successful sales letters and adverts by hand. This helps you to understand the thought process going through the copywriter’s mind when he or she wrote it. After doing that, try writing your own sales letters and adverts utilizing everything you have learned so far.

There are many types of direct response copywriting. What they all have in common is that responses are counted and linked directly to leads and sales. Types of direct response copywriting include:

Direct mail – These are the letters and postcards you get in the post that promote time shares, magazine subscriptions and other promotional deals. In each case, their purpose is to persuade you to react and confirm your interest in the offer, whether done by phone, email or by posting a reply card. While the writing used in direct mail might seem simple, every sentence and word is carefully chosen to get attention and build interest. People receive lots of direct mail each day, so your message must sound appealing to get people to read and reply.

Email – When done badly, email is no better than junk mail. But email marketing can be an effective way of producing revenue if you make the right offer. Writing direct response emails might also look uncomplicated, but being able to produce a punchy, concise email that gets a reply requires a great deal of copywriting expertise.

Sales letter writing – Direct response copywriters are employed to write the very long web pages used to sell training courses, eBooks and other online products as well as for traditional sales letters. Offline sales letters are often shipped with brochures as an introduction and to develop curiosity in the product. These can be just a single page or 10 pages or more, particularly when selling an expensive item. Writing long sales letters that are appealing to read and effective at getting readers to react and buy the product demands a level of writing ability.

Advertorial writing – You may have seen these and thought they were regular articles in a newspaper or magazine. This is because they are designed to look like normal editorial, rather than an advert. The article’s true purpose is revealed, however, with a slick switch to a sales pitch towards the end. A telephone number or response form is another giveaway that what you are reading is, in fact, sales copy.

As these examples of direct response copywriting show, you are going to have to practice and learn a lot to be successful at writing the sales collateral direct response copywriters provide. The hard work pays off though, both financially and with the sense of accomplishment when you make a lot of sales for a client.

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The Benefits Of Internet Marketing And How It Can Boost Your Business

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One of the main benefits when it comes to online marketing is the cost. Marketing through internet is a cheaper means of getting your products and services to the target consumers directly. There is no cost particularly in the areas of customer service, financial management and maintenance. The benefit main benefit with this internet marketing is that a lot of people use the internet every day for shopping and this makes it simple to gain their attention any time. One can buy goods from outside the country without fearing whether one will get the product. It allows one to find new market and trade globally for the small investment.

The internet enables one to open a business without worrying about the stock or opening hours and also payments of staff. Customers can find out about the product anytime and place an order when it is duly convenient for them. It is convenient for customers. In order to carry out a successful business on the web, you need to maintain positive brand awareness and client loyalty. Brand is a symbol, sign or name given to the product. It is important for customers to differentiate the product from other products.

Online marketing campaign can target and at the same time measure response from a specific populace. If one wants to target young people between the ages of 16 and 30, one should devise strategic plans on how to reach a targeted audience. One of the benefits with the present world is that customers get all the information about the product in the website. As a result, you should give all the information about the product to gain the customer mid. Keep in mind that your clients have a choice to choose the product they want and order it.

The internet provides a platform of building good relationship with customers and increasing customer retention levels. Once customers buy products from your company online; they can start to follow your company products by sending follow-up emails. This is one of the benefits you will at all times sure to talk to your customers directly. The internet can also help you put anything to the online for market. On the internet, everything is measurable. The main advantage of selling through internet, despite the type of product is that one can advertise through online and gets customers purchasing the commodity.

Your customers can as well ask any questions they have after purchasing a product giving a direct medium to talk to your customers. It is more efficient this way than answering phone calls because new customers are able to get answers to any questions they need questions without wasting of time.

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How to Fix Your Online Sales Slump With Content Marketing

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65% to 90% of the buyer’s process is complete by the time they actually want to talk to a salesperson!
If you provide valuable, engaging and informative content during your prospects pivotal research stage, you will develop trust and credibility as a potential supplier.

Marketing model innovation, like other business model innovation, is to find the source and the way to improve customer delivered value.

Armed with an understanding of how to develop customer value in your content, you can gain a competitive advantage that will drive up your sales, establish your brand and reduce the cost of customer acquisition.

The future of growth and sales depends on your ability to help people, which in turn will generates leads in the long run. It will also establish a strong, loyal and satisfied client base.

Content marketing has leveled the playing field between cash cows and start ups.

Here Are the Major Benefits of Content Marketing

More BackLinks: The more valuable and educational your content is, the more links you will get to your content from third party sources. Content analysis shows a direct link between word count and backlinks.

More Social Media Shares: Visitors love engaging content. The more the better. Keep you content compelling and people will share it on social platforms. Research shows a direct link between word count and social shares.

Better Rankings in Google SERPs: Latest studies show the top ten results in search engines have a 2000+ word count.

More leads and sales: It’s inevitable that more shares, links, and better rankings in SERPs will lead to more leads and sales. Or will it?

It’s well documented that social media is now being gamed. Follows, shares, likes and +1′s can all be manipulated. What good are shares, rankings and likes if you can’t convert potential visitors into happy customers?

Here’s Some Top Tips to Keep Your Visitors Engaged with Your Content to Help Move Them through Your Sales Funnel.

1) Include Your Call to Actions Natively in the Body of Your Text, NOT in the Side Bars.

Imagine for a minute you are going to social clubs or bars to meet new people and to find a date.

Would you hide in a corner? No?

Same applies for your call to action. Is it hiding away in some corner?

Just like the first time you meet a person that you would like to see again, you would look for the most opportune time to get their contact information, right?

The same applies with lead generation.

Your call to action should be placed at the most opportune time and place for people to make contact and take you up on your offer!

Nature Air INCREASED CONVERSIONS 591% by simply moving the call to action so that it was more contextual to the reader.

2) Make Your Call to Actions Benefit Statements

You’d be amazed at how changing a statement form “learn more” or “click here” to “Discover 5 Actions You Can Complete in 5 Minutes to Double Your Engagement Rate.”

Which sounds more compelling to you?

Option 1: “For A Skin Consultation, Register Here:”


Options 2: “I Want an Expert Opinion. Sign Me up for a Skin Consultation!”

A company named Kaya switched from option 1 to option 2, and received a whopping 22% increase in conversions.

3) Help don’t Sell, Show don’t Tell, and Talk, Don’t Yell

Customers are not interested in your solution! They’re interested in “how” your solution can fix their problem.

It’s a small subtle difference with massive implications on your communication strategy.

To engage your prospects you will want to headline your content by highlighting their problems and show them you understand.

Prospects are blind to ego driven marketing and “how great we are messages” because they’ve seen them all before.

The future of growth and sales depends on your ability to help people, which in turn will generate leads in the long run. It will also establish a strong, loyal and satisfied client base.

4) Use Analytics and A/B Testing to Garner Higher Conversions

It’s true that colours, images and language all influence the subconscious. In fact, they can release endorphins into the body that allow your message to by pass the reptilian brain function and root in the readers subconscious. Here are some tips to help you when marketing on social platforms.

a) Test publishing the same article with 5 different images and record the click through rate and engagement rate.

b) Test 5 Different headlines with your article.

c) Test 5 different call to actions.

When you’ve finished this test, add the best engaging image, title and call to action for best revenue results with your content.

What do you think of content marketing? What are your thoughts on the future direction on content marketing?

Thanks for you attention, please comment below or share this article to help those in your network achieve better content marketing and sales results.

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Understanding the Relationship Between SEO and Social Media Marketing

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If you were to ask a group of digital marketers how social media affects SEO, you are likely to receive a different answer from each person. Many will claim that the more social media interactions your content receives, the higher your page rank will be. They will likely cite SearchMetric’s SEO Ranking Factors report, which tells us that what all highly ranked websites have in common is an abundance of social signals. Others, however, will claim that this kind of data demonstrates correlation and not causation, and that social media has no direct effect on organic rank.

So, does social media impact SEO? The answer is yes, but not in the obvious way we think it does.

If we look at the evidence from SearchMetric’s report, we can see that the study shows a positive correlation between social signals and higher rank.

The keyword here is correlation, not causation. Many things correlate with one another without causing the other. Here’s a great example: the correlation between the cost of bananas and suicides by hanging, strangulation, and suffocation. Are the rising prices of bananas causing Americans to hang themselves? Probably not.

But that doesn’t mean that social media has no relationship with SEO. There are actual connections between social and search, but they indirectly affect each other. In fact, content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO are often grouped together because all three strive to do the same thing: growing your audience. When the three are working in sync, you can increase your website traffic and convert readers into buyers.

Social Sharing Can Lead to Link-Building and Higher Rankings

It’s not impossible, but a lot of things have to go right in order for social sharing to lead to effective link-building. But it comes down to your SEO and content marketing. If your content is fresh, engaging, and relevant to your audience, readers will share your content. This increases your page’s visibility, which means it may get noticed by a content creator who may subsequently link to your website. This can definitely increase your rankings. Remember, it’s not the actual social activity that matters, but what happens as a result. It’s no longer about squeezing out as much SEO juice as possible – it’s about how your content marketing, social media strategy, and SEO can work together to boost your authority.

Google+ Matters More Than You Think

Not much of a shocker that Google will factor your Google+ presence in page rank. But what many people are largely unaware of is that Google+ activity directly affects rankings. If you are signed into your Google+ account and search something that someone in your circle has posted about or “+1′d,” that content will come up first. Google search results are personalized for those logged into Google, directly affecting rankings.

To improve your organic marketing, spend some time everyday updating your Google+ page with engaging content for others in your Google+ communities to share. Create posts with bolded headlines to make it easier for both users and search engines to read.

SEO is No Longer About Dotting Your I’s and Crossing Your T’s

In the past, SEO has been very technical, but as we’ve seen with Google’s algorithm changes, now more than ever, content is king. You’re probably sick of hearing it, but it’s true. Search engines are smarter than we think. Google is more interested in the kind of content you are sharing and how relevant it is for users. It’s not solely about keyword density or meta descriptions – it’s about how you use those keywords to answer questions your users are genuinely asking.

Capitalizing on Indirect Benefits

If you want to rank higher, create an outstanding content marketing strategy, optimize your SEO, and integrate your social media activity into it all. The important thing to take away from all of this is to create a website or a page that people love. Google’s kind of like that mean girl in high school whose approval you absolutely need in order to make it. If everyone else likes you, so will Google.

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