How to Fix Your Online Sales Slump With Content Marketing

65% to 90% of the buyer’s process is complete by the time they actually want to talk to a salesperson!
If you provide valuable, engaging and informative content during your prospects pivotal research stage, you will develop trust and credibility as a potential supplier.

Marketing model innovation, like other business model innovation, is to find the source and the way to improve customer delivered value.

Armed with an understanding of how to develop customer value in your content, you can gain a competitive advantage that will drive up your sales, establish your brand and reduce the cost of customer acquisition.

The future of growth and sales depends on your ability to help people, which in turn will generates leads in the long run. It will also establish a strong, loyal and satisfied client base.

Content marketing has leveled the playing field between cash cows and start ups.

Here Are the Major Benefits of Content Marketing

More BackLinks: The more valuable and educational your content is, the more links you will get to your content from third party sources. Content analysis shows a direct link between word count and backlinks.

More Social Media Shares: Visitors love engaging content. The more the better. Keep you content compelling and people will share it on social platforms. Research shows a direct link between word count and social shares.

Better Rankings in Google SERPs: Latest studies show the top ten results in search engines have a 2000+ word count.

More leads and sales: It’s inevitable that more shares, links, and better rankings in SERPs will lead to more leads and sales. Or will it?

It’s well documented that social media is now being gamed. Follows, shares, likes and +1′s can all be manipulated. What good are shares, rankings and likes if you can’t convert potential visitors into happy customers?

Here’s Some Top Tips to Keep Your Visitors Engaged with Your Content to Help Move Them through Your Sales Funnel.

1) Include Your Call to Actions Natively in the Body of Your Text, NOT in the Side Bars.

Imagine for a minute you are going to social clubs or bars to meet new people and to find a date.

Would you hide in a corner? No?

Same applies for your call to action. Is it hiding away in some corner?

Just like the first time you meet a person that you would like to see again, you would look for the most opportune time to get their contact information, right?

The same applies with lead generation.

Your call to action should be placed at the most opportune time and place for people to make contact and take you up on your offer!

Nature Air INCREASED CONVERSIONS 591% by simply moving the call to action so that it was more contextual to the reader.

2) Make Your Call to Actions Benefit Statements

You’d be amazed at how changing a statement form “learn more” or “click here” to “Discover 5 Actions You Can Complete in 5 Minutes to Double Your Engagement Rate.”

Which sounds more compelling to you?

Option 1: “For A Skin Consultation, Register Here:”


Options 2: “I Want an Expert Opinion. Sign Me up for a Skin Consultation!”

A company named Kaya switched from option 1 to option 2, and received a whopping 22% increase in conversions.

3) Help don’t Sell, Show don’t Tell, and Talk, Don’t Yell

Customers are not interested in your solution! They’re interested in “how” your solution can fix their problem.

It’s a small subtle difference with massive implications on your communication strategy.

To engage your prospects you will want to headline your content by highlighting their problems and show them you understand.

Prospects are blind to ego driven marketing and “how great we are messages” because they’ve seen them all before.

The future of growth and sales depends on your ability to help people, which in turn will generate leads in the long run. It will also establish a strong, loyal and satisfied client base.

4) Use Analytics and A/B Testing to Garner Higher Conversions

It’s true that colours, images and language all influence the subconscious. In fact, they can release endorphins into the body that allow your message to by pass the reptilian brain function and root in the readers subconscious. Here are some tips to help you when marketing on social platforms.

a) Test publishing the same article with 5 different images and record the click through rate and engagement rate.

b) Test 5 Different headlines with your article.

c) Test 5 different call to actions.

When you’ve finished this test, add the best engaging image, title and call to action for best revenue results with your content.

What do you think of content marketing? What are your thoughts on the future direction on content marketing?

Thanks for you attention, please comment below or share this article to help those in your network achieve better content marketing and sales results.

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