Boost Sales From Your Direct Marketing – Top 5 Strategies Revealed

Here are some good strategies to get you started, this is what I done when I started my last business which got me very good consistent results.

  1. Send out literature. Try and consistently send out a letter, special announcement or brochure by first class post once in a while. Then try and gauge how well your list responds to you efforts. Once you get in the habit of this you can tweak it as you go along as a catalogue may do better than a letter for example.
  2. Run an advert. Start of with a small display ad as they are the cheapest. Do not do more than fifteen words. Use a simple headline and one or two phrases which explains what you need it to do then use a photograph alongside to eliminate the need for a long description.
  3. Testimonials. These are a great way of buying confidence from consumers. Replace your existing ads with testimonials from happy customers and businesses. These will attract more buyers as they are more believable than the usual spin you put on an advertisement.
  4. Giveaways. Giveaway a useful or fun gift as an incentive to place an order. It is human nature that we love to receive things for free, this was a great strategy for my online business.
  5. Send a thank-you note. You can do this either by email or traditional post once the customer places a purchase. This will often result in them re-purchasing again from you. For this method I prefer sending the note out by post as it is more personal than an email. So many consumers are switched onto SPAM and they may see it as that so be wary.

Behind every effective form of direct marketing there stands a well-managed database of prospective names. If you are running direct mail marketing in my view it is essential to have that database computerised as in paper format it is too laborious.

You will see successes and failures with direct marketing; I have tried many ranging from telesales to putting fliers on cars. Many work and with your business you will soon see what works the best for you.

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