Blowing Off Direct Mail Marketing? Here Are 5 Reasons Why That Might Not Be Smart

In today’s technologically minded society, it may seem like direct mail marketing has become an outdated practice. Unfortunately, too many businesses have bought into the lie and have discarded the practice. But before you find yourself dismissing the marketing technique, you may want to slow down and actually increase your mailers. Take a look at the following reasons to not only continue your campaign, but send it into overdrive:

Mail campaigns are more personable.

Email has become a heavily utilized communication medium. So much so, that many people now own three or four email addresses. Research tends to show that only about 20% of emails are opened, while the rest are deleted in bulk. Companies that send direct mailers in addition to, or instead of, emails have a greater success rate, with nearly everyone opening or reading the fliers and cards. Personalizing a letter or mailer creates a strong initial connection with the consumer.

Tangible always beats out intangible.

No matter what strides are taken on the digital side of things, documents that a consumer can hold in his hand will always contain value. For coupons and discounts, consumers are more likely to utilize the promotion if it arrives via the postal service. Many will not take the time to print out the digital material while others will not have access to the SmartPhone applications that eliminate the need for a printout.

Direct targeting.

Great advertising agencies know the power of consumer profiling and data collection, and they will apply the results to their direct mail marketing campaign. Collecting data and research over a certain period of time and plugging the information into a specific analytics computer program can develop a profile of the consumer most likely to engage in your business. With the advancement in technology, you can narrow down your geographical area and target only those most likely to respond. This is an exceptional method for marketing, and research has shown the results to be quite favorable.

Shelf-life longevity.

With direct mailers, the goal is to create a connection and instill the image of the brand within the consumer’s mind. Brand recognition is a powerful tool for companies. With a mailer, research shows that consumers are bound to keep the piece of mail longer than they would an email. With an email, it is unlikely the customer would even see the contents, as most delete the mail before it is opened. But with mailers, many people keep fliers around the house for, on average, 3 days to two weeks. This is a long time for your brand’s logo to lie on a kitchen counter, imprinting its image on the recipient’s mind.

Direct mail creates a bridge to the internet.

Finally, mailers do not compete with an internet presence. In fact, direct mail marketing does the exact opposite. Smart mailers will include the company’s digital presence on the flier or card. Many customers see the business’s website listed on the mail and will access the site as a result of the mailer. Essentially, you have killed two birds with one stone by providing double exposure.

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