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How To Choose A Direct Marketing Email List Provider

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Direct Marketing Email List Providers

With advancing technology it has never been easier to target millions of prospective clients with the press of a single button. The growing popularity of the Internet and online advertising has made it easier for smaller and larger businesses to directly market targeted audiences via email and online search engines. With this growing popularity has come a need for direct marketing email lists that are extremely accurate and targeted. When you are on the search for a direct marketing email list that will assist you in your endeavor to expand your book of business, look for providers that are reputable in the industry. Hiring a quality provider will guarantee you quality lists every time.

There are several factors to consider when hiring an email list provider. The first step in running a successful email campaign is to hire a reliable provider that will provide you with quality email leads at an affordable price. With providers cannot guarantee a number of sales or responses you will generate from their email lists, they can give you a ballpark figure of their proven close ratios as well as a guarantee of how many emails will successfully reach prospects. As with any marketing service, consider signing up for a free trial with various providers to find the quality and service you expect. While quantity in numbers is always beneficial in the world of online advertising, your success is only as good as the quality of the leads you receive.

Prior to choosing any provider, contact them via telephone and speak with a human being. Through this conversation you should educate yourself on their company, how they obtain leads, and how their leads are distributed. Only choose companies who compile lists of individuals who have given explicit permission to receive email advertising or you will be wasting your time and your money.

Email prospect lists will allow small and large businesses to touch a number of different prospects in a quick and convenient manner. Always search for a reasonable price and a quality guarantee when committing to buy lists from providers. Create a marketing message that will capture the attention of your audience and you will be on your way to increase production.

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Let it Flo – Branding Hits a Bulls-Eye With Direct Marketing

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Branding a company is not always a straightforward process.

Most businesses at inception concentrate on offering up the products or services they provide while staying profitable. Starting out small they will use a few direct marketing ideas such as direct mail, telemarketing, or website design. Over time with profit stability and company growth it is the point to take the next step and “brand” what the company is known for.

When it comes to direct marketing, having a brand identifier makes the process almost effortless.

A majority of businesses develop a company logo from the beginning. It identifies who the public is dealing with. Using a logo as a brand identifier is a common and winning direct marketing tactic. Who does not know what a three prong star within a circle or an apple with a bite out of it represents? Mercedes Benz and Apple Corp have used their trademarked logos worldwide allowing the public to recognize the products being sold.

At times branding a color works as strongly when using direct marketing. IBM blue, Coke red and UPS brown are all well known company associated colors. The logo can be redesigned an infinite number of times as long as the color being used remains the same. Thanks to brand marketing the public correlates the company with the color.

One of the best and usually unbeatable ways to brand a company is characterization.  Using an animated or real life spokes-character allows direct marketers to put a “face” with a company.

“Speedy” touted the benefits of Alka-Seltzer for decades. “Snap, Crackle and Pop” showed us the fun we can have with Rice Crispy cereal. “Josephine the Plumber” gave a generation of us the benefits of using Comet to clean our kitchens and bathrooms.  ”Flo” helps peddle the services of Progressive Insurance.

Ah yes, Flo. Her face is being used by the Progressive Corporation and their insurance agents everywhere. She has been a coup for the company’s direct marketing and brand recognition. Using characterization branding has taken a relatively small insurance provider into a nationally known and recognized entity.

Progressive Insurance was in business for seventy years when Flo was introduced.

The company offered the American public automobile insurance at reasonable rates: as did the competition. In order to stand out among the competition Progressive began to offer price comparisons to other companies offering the same kinds of coverage.

Offering something competitors do not is a skillful way to market any organization. Unfortunately for Progressive while the idea was unique, it did not gain the cache it had hoped for.

Thanks to the direct marketing geniuses at Arnold Worldwide, Flo was born two and one half years ago.

Flo took the same direct marketing message Progressive had been using for years and made the public stand up and take notice. With her retro makeup and hair styles and quirky way of talking, she promotes the company services incredibly well. So well in fact, that her character is now considered an icon by many in the consumer and marketing worlds.

With over 10,000,000 policies now in effect, Progressive hit a bulls-eye by using characterization branding.

No matter which manner your company decides to use, it is important at some stage to develop a company brand. Use one of the above mentioned suggestions or a combination of them. Play around and see which fits your company philosophy and marketing strategy best.

You might follow Nike’s lead and put a slogan with your logo: Just Do It!

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It’s Time For TRUST Marketing

May 25 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

It happens all the time. You’re visiting a website, you want more information about a product, so, you fill in the form with first name, last name, and email address. You get the information you were wanting, only to realize three days later that you’ve also been subscribed to their newsletter.

Or, when you purchase something online, the technical support emails start arriving every 4 days with a large dose of sales information in them.

You didn’t sign up for a sales letter. You signed for information. You bought a product. You didn’t want sales letters.

Now you being the process of trying to unsubscribe yourself from their sales list. Have fun with that. Let’s see, you’ll need to give them your email address, name, eye color, and position of the major planets at the exact time you subscribed to their newsletter.

BUT I DIDN’T SUBSCRIBE! you yell out in frustration…

I know… I’ve been there… I feel it’s safe to say the majority of us have been there.

Have a conversation with someone who employs these practices, and they’ll tell you it’s called “Permission Based Marketing”. They’ll claim they have permission to send out those sales emails. Even though that little check box or sentence or whatever was not in plain sight… they still feel they have permission to send out gobs of sales letters.

With spam filters and anti-spam services getting better each day, “Permission Marketing” is no longer something that Internet Marketers can “rely” on.

It’s time to kick it up a notch.

It’s time for Trust Marketing. Put simply, if a customer trusts the person they’re doing business with, they’ll buy more, and more often.

Gaining trust, in essence, is easy to do. Follow these easy steps:

1. Put a face to the company – use video.
People do business with people they like and trust. The easiest way to gain trust is by standing beside your product and endorsing it yourself. I think we all can recall a particular slogan, “I’m not only the President of CompanyX, I’m also a Member.”.
Video clips can produce almost immediate trust. Companies such as VideoPaste not only convert your videos to flash and host them for you, they also provide the HTML code to put in your website.

2. Do what you say, and say what you do.
If you’re going to offer free shipping, then do it. If you’re going to double their order, then do it. If you only provide support for 3 weeks after the sale, then tell them. If you have found out that your completely out of ItemX, then call the customer and let them know.

3. Keep the customer informed about relevant events.
Weekly discounts or monthly HUGE SAVINGS are not relevant events. A change in policy, or new merchant acquisition are relevant events.

4. Offer repeat and long term customers higher discounts. (Trust and Loyalty go hand-in-hand)
There’s a particular Home Improvement Store (of an orange color in nature) that I shop at. I contine to shop there because I contine to save there. I receive discount offers, coupons, gift cards and the sort from them.

Why? Not because I’m cheap. It’s because I’m loyal. I’ve gone there enough, saved enough money, and been treated the right way. I see no need to go anywhere else.

5. Keep it simple, keep it honest.
Don’t flood your customers with options. Don’t flood them with offers. Don’t flood them with discounts. Don’t flood them with anything. If you want to lose them as customers, then do so. If not, then just be honest with them, and keep it simple.

Our research has shown that, by far, the easiest way to build trust is to put a face in front of the product – namely your face. Adding video to your website is fast, easy, and surprising affordable.

Permission Marketing is dead. Trust Marketing is here to stay. After all, if you don’t have your customers trust, permission means nothing.

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Using Twitter For Network Marketers – Tips to Promote Your Direct Sales Opportunity With Twitter

May 24 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

If you aren’t using Twitter to grow your network marketing business you are missing out on a huge free opportunity to promote your network marketing business.

Twitter is a free microblogging and social networking platform. It allows you to update your friends and family about what you’re doing at any given moment. You can use your cell phone or you can “tweet” via computer.

The power of Twitter can be found in the people who follow you and in the people you follow. People who follow you are interested in what you are tweeting about. You can use twitter to research a particular niche market. You can use twitter to figure out how your company’s product can help the people on twitter.

You can use Twitter to build your network marketing product brand because twitter has the primary benefit of developing a casual way to reinforce your brand with potential customers. It also establishes you as a social personality that is approachable and a real person. As Twitter grows new twitter users will be drawn towards well established Twitter personalities.

Twitter is not to be used as a place to post information about your opportunity or product repeatedly. This is not helpful nor does it add to your credibility as an expert. You need to bring value to the Twitter universe with your tweets. Engage in conversations with your potential clients and develop connections while you deepen relationships with people through your tweets. Only after you have posted useful tweets should you post information related to your opportunity. Even then be sure that you promote your business sparingly. Make sure to maintain a happy medium between promotion and personal tweets.

Focus on connecting with people. Pay attention and be aware opportunities that come along in conversation to tweet about what you do or what your product can do for someone. Only then will you witness what twitter can do for your network marketing business.

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A Consistent Marketing Message

May 23 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

How do you make sure your marketing is consistent, clear and understandable? I first heard of the idea of a Unique Selling Proposition about 20 years ago from my #1 marketing mentor and guru Dan Kennedy.

Great UPS’ss are usually found in these areas.

1. Price

2. Product – A product that is different than anyone else.

3. Process – You have a process that is different than anyone else.

4. Service – You provide some type of service that no one else can provide.

5. Marketing – Your marketing is substantially different.

So now – your homework assignment – Think about each of these areas and work on your USP between now and next week.

I believe the concept of developing your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is so critical that we will be Spending the next few weeks talking about the subject.

If this idea is new to you this few weeks will give you time to think about how this all relates to you and your business, think about your UPS, work with your team, develop a USP, revise it, revise it again, and hopefully develop a USP that truly helps you and your business become more successful.

If the concept of USP is not new to you, hopefully you can use this time to re-evaluate your USP. Is it still true? Does it really bring clients to you? Is it meaningful?

I was introduced to the concept of Unique Selling Proposition about 20 years ago by my #1 marketing mentor and guru Dan Kennedy. Our sales volume has grown about 20 times in that 20 years, and I owe that growth to Dan’s idea as much as anything else.

Dan Kennedy defines Unique Selling Proposition as, “Why should I, your prospect, do business with you verses any and every other option available to me in your category.”

Let’s look at a few USPs from the past. Try to guess the company the goes with each?

“Hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less or it’s free.”

“When it absolutely positively needs to be there overnight.”

“Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.”

Were they effective? Do you know, “Why you should do business with them verses any and every other option available to you in the category?”

Here are the answers.

Domino’s Pizza

Federal Express

M & M’s

Now, what is your USP?

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Boost Sales From Your Direct Marketing – Top 5 Strategies Revealed

May 22 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Here are some good strategies to get you started, this is what I done when I started my last business which got me very good consistent results.

  1. Send out literature. Try and consistently send out a letter, special announcement or brochure by first class post once in a while. Then try and gauge how well your list responds to you efforts. Once you get in the habit of this you can tweak it as you go along as a catalogue may do better than a letter for example.
  2. Run an advert. Start of with a small display ad as they are the cheapest. Do not do more than fifteen words. Use a simple headline and one or two phrases which explains what you need it to do then use a photograph alongside to eliminate the need for a long description.
  3. Testimonials. These are a great way of buying confidence from consumers. Replace your existing ads with testimonials from happy customers and businesses. These will attract more buyers as they are more believable than the usual spin you put on an advertisement.
  4. Giveaways. Giveaway a useful or fun gift as an incentive to place an order. It is human nature that we love to receive things for free, this was a great strategy for my online business.
  5. Send a thank-you note. You can do this either by email or traditional post once the customer places a purchase. This will often result in them re-purchasing again from you. For this method I prefer sending the note out by post as it is more personal than an email. So many consumers are switched onto SPAM and they may see it as that so be wary.

Behind every effective form of direct marketing there stands a well-managed database of prospective names. If you are running direct mail marketing in my view it is essential to have that database computerised as in paper format it is too laborious.

You will see successes and failures with direct marketing; I have tried many ranging from telesales to putting fliers on cars. Many work and with your business you will soon see what works the best for you.

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Blowing Off Direct Mail Marketing? Here Are 5 Reasons Why That Might Not Be Smart

May 21 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

In today’s technologically minded society, it may seem like direct mail marketing has become an outdated practice. Unfortunately, too many businesses have bought into the lie and have discarded the practice. But before you find yourself dismissing the marketing technique, you may want to slow down and actually increase your mailers. Take a look at the following reasons to not only continue your campaign, but send it into overdrive:

Mail campaigns are more personable.

Email has become a heavily utilized communication medium. So much so, that many people now own three or four email addresses. Research tends to show that only about 20% of emails are opened, while the rest are deleted in bulk. Companies that send direct mailers in addition to, or instead of, emails have a greater success rate, with nearly everyone opening or reading the fliers and cards. Personalizing a letter or mailer creates a strong initial connection with the consumer.

Tangible always beats out intangible.

No matter what strides are taken on the digital side of things, documents that a consumer can hold in his hand will always contain value. For coupons and discounts, consumers are more likely to utilize the promotion if it arrives via the postal service. Many will not take the time to print out the digital material while others will not have access to the SmartPhone applications that eliminate the need for a printout.

Direct targeting.

Great advertising agencies know the power of consumer profiling and data collection, and they will apply the results to their direct mail marketing campaign. Collecting data and research over a certain period of time and plugging the information into a specific analytics computer program can develop a profile of the consumer most likely to engage in your business. With the advancement in technology, you can narrow down your geographical area and target only those most likely to respond. This is an exceptional method for marketing, and research has shown the results to be quite favorable.

Shelf-life longevity.

With direct mailers, the goal is to create a connection and instill the image of the brand within the consumer’s mind. Brand recognition is a powerful tool for companies. With a mailer, research shows that consumers are bound to keep the piece of mail longer than they would an email. With an email, it is unlikely the customer would even see the contents, as most delete the mail before it is opened. But with mailers, many people keep fliers around the house for, on average, 3 days to two weeks. This is a long time for your brand’s logo to lie on a kitchen counter, imprinting its image on the recipient’s mind.

Direct mail creates a bridge to the internet.

Finally, mailers do not compete with an internet presence. In fact, direct mail marketing does the exact opposite. Smart mailers will include the company’s digital presence on the flier or card. Many customers see the business’s website listed on the mail and will access the site as a result of the mailer. Essentially, you have killed two birds with one stone by providing double exposure.

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Top 5 Benefits of Ratio Trading: Know the De Risk Theory of Stock Market Trade

May 19 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Ratio Trading is a scientific concept that is the “surest way to make money in the stock market” irrespective of market swing and fluctuations. In other words ratio trading guarantees consistent and stable income from the stock market which is large viewed as a risky, unstable and volatile sector by even inside players.

The negative reputation of the stock market is largely due to the practices of individual players who participate in speculation. Ratio trading on the other hand is not speculative in nature. Rather it has the potential to change the perspective of the stock market as a risky sector. To those who understand the tools and strategies of ratio trading and can yield them to earn profits in options market, know that the stock market can indeed be a de-risked niche.

Let us take a close peak at some of the benefits of ratio trading:

Ratio trading is less risky because it is an intraday strategy where trade originates and concludes on the same day. Thus, the risk of a negative impact due to overnight swing in global as well as domestic markets is negated. Even the effect of intraday market movement on ratio trading strategy is minimal. If we look at the trends in the last decade we will find that, markets have not fallen or risen by 200 points intraday for more than 10 times within this time period. Therefore if we remain 200-300 points out of the money from the current market, we are almost assured of not getting affected by the market movement and are assured of getting profits from our trade 9 out of 10 times. It is the safest and surest way to make money off the financial markets.

Ratio trading strategy is based upon trade in options contracts, the lowest cost product in the Indian stock market. The initial investment therefore is quite low. Since it involves intraday trading at the end of the day no trades are carried over and therefore no margins are required.

Time value decay or rise in ratio is a continuous process there are no specific exit and entrance points in ratio trading. Anyone can enter and exit trade at any point of time depending upon opportunity calculated through comparison and judgment between different ratios. In other words ratio trading strategy is designed to be one that facilitates trade at will of the players involved. One may stop trading when there is uncertainty or confusion in the market and resume trade when the crisis is over.

The graph of ratios (Out of the Money) in Ratio Trading is always up irrespective of the market direction. Thus, profit is guaranteed in this strategy which consists of trading in small lots generating small profits which eventually build decent volumes and profits at the end of the day.

The trade remains unaffected by increase in number of participants or increase in volume. Rather competition only serves to open door to more opportunities as more competition means more volume, more volatility, more mis-pricing, more imperfection in ratios – all of which culminates into more opportunities and more profits.

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Residual Income in MLM or Network Marketing is a Lie!

May 17 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

OK, I am sure that title probably pissed you off. But, think about. When you joined your MLM, network marketing, direct sales company, you were probably told that one of the reasons for doing so is because you will earn residual income. You were told that you would have your upfront sales and you would then have your residuals that would come in month after month after month. Do it once and get paid over and over again. Right?


Let me explain why.

If you have a customer for life, if you never have to speak to that person again and they will just keep buying from you over and over again every month, then you will earn true residual income. But, it rarely ever works that way. You have to keep in contact with your buyers, your team, your downline in order for the checks to keep coming in. Once you stop, so do the checks.

So, why do MLM, network marketing, direct sales, etc companies tell you that you can earn TRUE residuals doing this business? They didn’t really lie to you, did they? Well, not exactly. But, what they did not tell you is that it would take work, a lot of work, hard work to earn those residuals. You will have to build up a team(s) in the thousands, knowing that 95% of them will drop out, drop off the face of the earth, and drop your product. It will take more than a few weeks or month. In most cases, it will take years of hard work, long hours, time away from friends and family, time away from some things that you love to do, to actually get there.

It is very different than the residuals you earn from say a stock portfolio, monthly interest on a bank account, investment dividends, etc. In these cases, yes, you can do it once, sit back and wait for the residuals to come in without having to really do much work.

Find out what residuals mean in your company and how realistic are they to obtain and keep? Is the upfront money as good as the residuals you can and will earn? What sort of work will be required to keep earning residuals? These are just a few questions you should ask to find out more how residuals work in your company and if they are realistic or just yanking your chain.

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10 Steps to Success in Direct Marketing

May 16 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

If you’re looking for a lucrative homebased business, direct marketing may be just what you’ve been looking for — offering you the possibilities of making your dreams come true.


Direct marketing is offering a product or service directly to the consumer via mail order, Internet sales, personal sales, etc., with no middleman involved. Many direct marketing companies are now being operated right out of the home. Home based business is the waive of the future and can offer you a wonderful opportunity to actually be able to compete with the large, well established companies with large bank accounts. That’s what is so wonderful about the Internet. You don’t have to have a large bank account to succeed. You just have to have a little “know how.”

* 10 Steps to insure your success


What do you want to accomplish? Do you want a new home? Do you want to save for your children’s college education? A new car? You can have whatever you want, but you must want it enough to do the things that have to be done in order to get it.

Set your goals, write them down and set a target date for reaching them. Set short term reachable goals and long term higher goals, yet don’t set them too high. This will cause you to become discouraged if you don’t achieve them. Work consistently towards accomplishing your goals each day, each week and each month until you reach your short term goals. When you have attained your short term goals, set them a little higher each time. Ultimately you will achieve your long term goals. Goal-setting is a must in every area of life.


Get up early each day. Get ready for your job as if you were working outside your home. Have a list of all the things you want to accomplish during the day. This will give you an organized approach to each day. It’s amazing how much you can get done using a “To Do” list.


Set up a schedule and stick to it. Be Enthusiastic. Enthusiasm generates its own energy. Energy and good health are synonymous with motivated, happy people — achievers.


Positive thinking will literally be your key to success. You have to convince yourself that you can succeed at whatever you desire, because you can.


Remember… The more “NO’s” you get, the closer to a “YES” you become.


A schedule is your roadmap to success. If you have no direction, you’ll travel in circles and ultimately never reach your goals. Plan your work then work your plan.


Success is 90 percent attitude and 10 percent aptitude. Learn the art of positive thinking. You can do whatever you put your mind to. It’s mind over matter. Your attitude will either guarantee your success or guarantee your failure. Remember … you’re only a failure if you give up.


Most direct marketers work from their own homes, but it is still essential to set up a specified work area. Take pride in your business to ensure your success.


Set up a written budget. Set aside a percentage of your business income to put back into your business. This is a must. Failure to reinvest your money will result in the failure of your business.


Get plenty of sleep, eat right and take some time to stop and smell the roses… Be Persistent… Persistence Pays Off… Don’t Give Up… Most Businesses fail Just At The Moment They Are About To Succeed…

Sales is one of the highest paid of all professions. “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.”

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